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Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Target Audience: Women, Old Spice Users

Locations/Environments: North America

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: Encourages women to buy their man “Old Spice” to make them smell like their dream man. If the perfect man smells like Old Spice, your man should too.

I found the marketing strategy of this commercial interesting because it targets women instead of men. Previous Old Spice commercials have always targeted men, demanding that they need to be more manly, but by targeting women the message is instead that women need to upgrade their men by having them use Old Spice.
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Old Spice: Old Spice “Smell is Power”/ Bounce

Target Audience: Old Spice Users, Bounce Users, Men, Women

Locations/Environments: North America

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: This commercial ties in with the ridiculous humor of the Terry Crew “Smell is Power” commercials. It offers a humorous way of reinforce the power of Old Spice by having him bust into another products commercial while advertising for Bounce.

I found this marketing interesting because I’ve never seen a commercial interrupt another commercial. It makes the commercial funny and memorable while promoting both brands.
HelloFlo: The Camp Gyno

Target Audience: Pre-Teen girls, Parents, Women

Locations/Environments: North America

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: HelloFlo is a convenient and easy way to get feminine products the moment they are needed.

I love this commercial. In an advertising world full of tampon and pad commercials filled with women wearing white dresses and doing other unrealistic things women don’t do on their periods, this offers a funny, a lighthearted way to view the topic while differentiating the brand from the rest of the market.

Duracell: Trust Your Power

Target Audience: Super Bowl fans, Seahawk fans

Locations/Environments: North America

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: The “Trust Your Power” campaign focuses on the power of the individuals endorsing Duracell. This commercial shows the strength of a underdog who when from always being picked last to the first deaf football player in the NFL (and now Super Bowl Champion). This commercial also focuses on the power of the batter since Duracell is the  battery trusted on the most important day of Derrick Coleman’s life.

I chose this commercial because it’s a very powerful story, especially considering it’s a commercial for a battery. The “Trust Your Power” campaign is meant to pull at the heart strings, but this particular commercial is a tearjerker. It’s an accessible story not only sports fans, but to anyone who loves to inspirational heroes.

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Adidas: Hello Tomorrow

Target Audience: Runners, joggers, dreamers, Adidas consumers

Locations/Environments: North America

Subliminal Stimuli & Messaging: Adidas can take you anywhere and you can achieve anything. Impossible is nothing when you wear Adidas.

I’m unfamiliar with Adida’s marketing strategy as a whole, but this is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking commercials I’ve ever seen. The best part is that the slogan “Impossible is Nothing” and the brand are not lost in the creativity of this commercial, the commercial embodies them. More commercials should be like this.

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