Legacy ATX’s AYUMA Releases First Solo Music Video

As part of the Music Legacy Project, Blaigne AYUMA Sixon has released his first solo music video and was selected to perform at the South By Southwest Music Festival. See above!

It Started Years Ago

It wasn’t too long ago when Blaigne was in just high school where he eventually became a 2 time all-state jazz saxophonist. Since that time, Blaigne has blossomed into a musical force that has a found a passion for digital production.

Learning Production and the Business of Music

2016: AYUMA at the Microsoft Loft presenting for intertnational press about how he used his Microsoft Surface Pro to compose music.

Blaigne has participated in E4 Youth programs for the past 5 years. Through E4 Youth, Blaigne received his first laptop computer, a phone, another laptop and a midi production studio. In 2016, he was one of six students from around the world invited to New York by Microsoft.

Blaigne has remained a part of the Music Legacy Project where he’s learning more about production, performing, marketing and publishing his music.

Needless to say, we’re truly proud of him and we look forward to much more in the coming years!

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