VR Storytelling Remix Steps

Already familiar with Remixing VR Stories? Dive in with this VR Starter Project (Note: recommended browser: Firefox. Audio does not work in Chrome) New to Remixing VR Stories? VR Remix Steps are the result of E4 Youth’s development of Virtual Storytelling Curriculum via a grant from the Mozilla Foundation. You can view a detailed run down […]

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More Perspectives, Better Creative

 I seldom worked with any people of color in my first 15 years in the business. If you’re an advertising or marketing person from my generation, I’m willing to bet you have a similar story. “Oh, and we’ve assigned you to write the ‘Urban’ radio for this Pepsi promotion, because you’re the youngest writer on […]

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Designing Legacy ATX

Our anticipation for the Music Legacy Project’s EP release is at an all-time high. The EP, which has been titled simply Legacy ATX, is due May 19, 2016. It will be available for pre-order as well as digital download. One hundred physical copies are making their way to us as we speak. Pictured in the header […]

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